Free Real-time Data Plotter

Frtplot is a program for plotting your numeric data (such as output from simulations, or sensors) in real time. A major goal is to eventually provide features for interactive, real time exploration of data.

The user can zoom into and scroll around the static or real time updated datasets. Multiple plots with different plotted column sets can be zoomed together or individually; columns can be hidden or shown, color and dashing settings changed, column labels enabled or disabled, etc.

Using it is as simple as printing your data into a white-space separated text stream, and piping this to frtplot, supplied with a suitable configuration file.
The versatile configuration format allows for:

frtplot is written in C. The only dependency is SDL.


frtplot is under development; there are no stable releases yet. You can try the current version by checking it out from the Subversion repository:

svn co svn://

This is open source software, under the GPL version 3 license.